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Buck Boost Selector

With nearly two-thirds of all electrical loads being A.C. motor loads, maintenance of the proper voltage to that motor is very important. If the supply line voltage is not maintained, motor winding current is increased causing reduced motor torque and escalating motor temperature, all of which results in the rapid loss of insulation life expectancy. Anytime you have a lower than standard voltage, equipment damage and failure can result.

Buck Boost Transformers are an economical way to correct this potentially very serious problem. Anytime a line voltage change in the 5 -20% range is required, a Buck Boost Transformer should be considered as your first line of defense.. 

Additionally, Acme Electric’s NEW 3 Phase Auto Buck Boost Transformers remove the need for multiple separate units and provide the same great electrical advantages standard Buck Boost Transformers offer in one simple and convenient package. 

Download our Buck Boost Selector Program below to help determine the right transformer for your next project. If you need help in defining transformer specifications call our Technical Support at 1-800-334-5214.