Dependable Power for Any Application

Custom Solutions/OEM

Whatever your power distribution needs, Acme Electric can deliver high performing, efficient, and reliable magnetic products designed specifically for your manufacturing requirements. From large-scale projects to one-of-a-kind prototypes, our engineers understand the demands of the industry you support and will work with your team from initial concept through testing, production, installation, and service. We draw on over a century of magnetic experience and technology to meet your specific requirements for size, cost, weight, temperature, performance, reliability, regulatory compliance, and delivery.

Acme Electric’s Amveco brand specializes in the design and construction of class-leading toroid magnetics, both standard and custom, for the most challenging applications, including the medical and communications industry. Increasingly useful for their small size and low weight, our power toroids are appropriate for:

  • Current Transformers from low to high voltage
  • Inductors
  • Low Profile Miniature Transformers
  • Low Profile PC-Mount Transformers
  • Medical Grade Isolation Transformers
Because they are designed for optimum efficiency, our toroids operate with demonstrated reductions in stray magnetic fields, mechanical hum, no-load losses, operating temperatures, size, and weight. Our production capabilities are flexible and allow for a variety of dimensions not restricted by set standards of core cap or lamination sizes.


Acme Electric’s Actown brand of custom designed and built high frequency magnetics range from five-ton units to miniatures measured in millimeters. Our specialized products extend the boundaries of size, weight, performance, and endurance to meet your specific performance and dependability specifications. Utilizing a wide array of materials and manufacturing processes we are able to offer products for various applications including low noise, harmonic mitigation, 12 pulse and 18 pulse drive isolation transformer, low temperature rise, reactors, chokes, and power quality. Acme Electric’s Actown technologies are the answer to today’s custom power magnetics critical performance and dependability requirements.

The TIGHTpak™ technology is a revolutionary and proprietary manufacturing process unique to Acme Electric that brings toroidal inductors one step closer to ideal.

TIGHTpak™ Toroidal Inductors are designed to allow more turns per single layer of windings, allowing the engineer to work with components that exhibit behavior closer to ideal than previously possible. In addition, keeping a toroid’s geometry to a single layer minimizes complexity and maximizes design efficiency. TIGHTpak™ Toroids are the ideal solution when your application requires low temperature rise, smaller footprint, low noise, or additional inductance.

Acme Electric’s custom coils range from a relay of simple coils wound on a bobbin to highly sophisticated encapsulated coils used to control aircraft fuel delivery. Sizes range from ultra-small, fine wire-wound sense coils for circuit breakers to very large, high-power coils for electric brakes and large contractor applications. Depending on your needs, we can encapsulate these coils via injection molding, transfer molding, vacuum potting, and various protective air-dried or baked-on varnishes.

Acme Electric manufactures a full line of dry-type low and medium, voltage distribution magnetics using both copper and aluminum conductors. Our product offering covers the full spectrum of applications, ranging from commercial general power distribution and high harmonic conditions to specific industrial motor drive/factory automations systems, to low voltage landscape lighting applications. All of our products are designed to meet or exceed the standards established by UL, CSA, CE, NEMA, ANSI, and IEEE.
Our low voltage distribution products (600 volts and below) cover a wide array applications between from 50VA through 1000KVA. Our medium voltage transformers (2.5kV to 15kV) are sized between 15 kVA and 2000 kVA.
In addition to this extensive product line, our experienced design engineers are able to develop custom designs and prototypes to meet all customer specific requirements, ranging from special kVA, voltage combinations and performance characteristics to special mounting configurations/footprints, enclosures, and terminations.